ReforCELL - Advanced Multi-Fuel Reformer for Fuel CELL CHP Systems - ReforCELL

ReforCELL - Advanced multi-fuel Reformer for CHP-fuel CELL systems

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Conference proceedings or presentation

  1. Roses L., Manzolini G., Campanari S., De Witt E., Walter M. "Techno-economic assessment of membrane reactor technologies for pure hydrogen production for fuel cell vehicle fleets", 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting Conference Proceedings, October 28-November 2 2012, Pittsburgh, USA.
  2. Peters, T.A., Kaleta, T., Stange, M., Bredesen, R., Pd-based Membranes in H2 Production and CO2 Capture Processes: status at SINTEF, in Proc. IMeTI & CARENA Workshop. (March 27-28, 2012), Editors: -, Montpellier, France, (2012).